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My story and what No Regrets means to me























Firstly, I truly appreciate you stopping by my site. I really hope you put in your email   and we can be in contact and grow something special. So anyways, a little about me!


William Richard Lees, thats my name. I was born and raised in a paradise known as North Vancouver, Canada from two British parents. Ever since I can remember, we were always on the move heading somewhere, usually back over the water to visit family in the U.K. and Europe. I believe this is where my love for travel blossomed. 


Throughout my life I have always had a burning love for sport and competition. At some capacity, I have played pretty much every sport under the sun, whether I was good or awful at it, I always loved to exercise and compete. This grew into my other passion.


I attended a terrific highschool, Handsworth Secondary, and was blessed with an incredible group of friends who to this day I spend every possible moment I can with. The nucleus of our graduating year was a young man wise beyond his years and with the kindest heart you could imagine.


His name was Quinn Keast.


Quinn was the son of two incredible parents, Jan and Tom Keast, the twin to an amazing person and sister, Jan-Marie (Jamie) and I was blessed to know him since I was about 6 years old. Unfortunately, tragedy cut that friendship much too short...






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Sakinaw Lake
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