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FLORES, GUATEMALA | Top 3 Things To Do!

What To Do in Flores, Guatemala? | Try These Top 3 Things To Do!

When talking about surprises during travelling, they're not usually a good thing. Surprise! Your bus is late. Surprise! I'm robbing you. Surprise! That street meat had E-Coli! However, some surprises are very welcomed. Flores, Guatemala, for me, was one of those surprises.

The reason I saw it as a surprise, was not because I stumbled across the town by accident, or it jumped out from behind a bush, but because it was not really on my plans, and "travelling blind" as I sometimes call it, and not doing a ton of research prior to arrival, allows you to let your destination try to impress you, without any predisposed ideas, as to what it might be like.

My view on Flores, Guatemala

Upon leaving San Ignacio, in Belize, the town of Flores, Guatemala sat a perfect distance away, that it would be a bearable afternoon bus journey, as Antigua, was a long haul across the whole country. I had no idea what Flores would hold, I had no idea what it looked like, and even less of an idea where I would stay! This is what I refer to when I say "travelling blind." The beauty about this, as long as you are arriving in daylight, is you can view the area and make your decisions from actually being there. The first notable of Flores was the unique geographical set up of the town. Sitting on an almost perfect circle, this little island town seemed to float in Lake Peten Itza with only a small bridge connecting it to the mainland. Also, the streets of Flores, did not have the grunge of Central America, but instead, the elegance of Europe. Cobble stone streets, red, yellow, pink houses, clay tile roofs. I was thoroughly impressed. Pleasant surprised.

So, spending a few days in Flores Guatemala | What to do?!

Got a few days to burn in Flores, Guatemala? Well here are a few things to do, starting off with Numero Tres!


Eat The Town

Lucky for me, I arrived in Flores, Guatemala with an appetite! I left my hostel Los Amigos, with some Quetzals (Guatemalan currency) my camera and an empty stomach looking for some grub, and to explore this lake town. As I strolled to the waters edge, through the tight streets, I found a row of food stands. A Guatemala take on tacos, burritos, tostadas, salads and more at an incredibly cheap cost. I had to do the math in my head a few times to make sure I was getting the price correct. Washing the food down with some watermelon juice, and a glass of lemonade, I moved onto the next stand to fill up some more. Grab a bite, a coffee, ice cream, whatever you fancy, and enjoy it while taking a stroll around the island of Flores, Guatemala. Also, for dinner, I highly suggest the little restaurant on the back side of the island as the sun sets. You will not find a better value dinner, and a better view to have a sunset meal.


Boat Tour

When looking out along the water from the edge of Flores, you will see the beautiful lake expanding before you. The thing that you do not see at this point however, is the majority of the lake of Peten Itza. That sits on the other side of a headland and actually hides more than half the lake. Since it is so beautiful, I suggest doing one of the boat tours. You can either do them in a group, that provides drinks and food, or you can simply pay a "captain" to take you around the lake, or over the water to the neighbouring towns, in one of their fishing boats.


Tikal Ruins

Flores, Guatemala, is the closest main tourist hub and actual "town" to the famous ruins of Tikal. The Mayan Civilization was very prominent in this area, from the Mayan Riviera (duh!) of Mexico, down through parts of Belize into Guatemala, and further south. You may have heard of the well known ruins like Chichen Itza, Coba, or Tulum located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, here, the Tikal Ruins are the most famous in Guatemala. You can book a tour out of any tour operator in Flores and have the option of doing the morning sunrise trip, or if you like to sleep in, the afternoon trip to watch the sun set.

flores guatemala things to do

If you are in Guatemala, and passing into the territory of Peten, I would suggest stopping in Flores, Guatemala as it has a lot to offer, and is not a place you want to miss! Its a great stop to split up journeys going south from Belize, or going north east across the country, from Antigua. Also, getting from Flores, Guatemala to both Belize and Antigua, could not be more simple!

Make sure to share this blog on Things To Do in Flores, Guatemala with anyone you may know heading there! Safe travels, No Regrets!

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