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Tips For CHEAP Flights | Try THESE Cheap Flight Tips!

Cheap Flight Tips | Try These TIPS To Topple Travel Tags!

Expensive flight pricing can be the largest deterrent to travel or vacation and if you feel like there is no method to the madness of airline prices, you're not alone, and you're not wrong. Many times, when looking for a cheap flight, I will do a broad search and notice locations, twice the distance I am flying, or much more remote of a location than I am flying to, are considerably less than the cost I am being shown. Infuriating!

Also, why is it that all these Flight Search Sites, all seem to have the exact same low price, yet when I go direct to the airline, they are more expensive? There is no congruency here, and must be a way to shave a few dollars off, with a couple cheap flight tricks and tips.

cheap flights tips

So do tricks or tips for CHEAP FLIGHTS exist?

Well, you're in luck.

Having searched enough times, for flights of all kind, and trying to pinch pennies, I have resorted to almost all possible circumstances to booking a cheap flight and found a few things that work!

So what are some tips to getting CHEAP FLIGHTS online?

FLEXIBILITY IS KEY | It is common sense that if you want exactly what you want, when you want it, you will pay premium. No different with flights. When searching online, use sites that allow "Month View" options, or at least the "Flexible +-3 Days" options. That way you can see a graph or chart of the week or month you were planning on departing and see the fluctuation of cost. Changing from one day to the next can save you a few bucks, up to 40% off.

ALTERNATE AIRPORTS | Try airports in neighbouring cities to get cheap flight prices. Occasionally, a city, town or just a random nearby airport can offer a great discount that is worth taking a detour and getting a bus or train to your final destination. Going home to Vancouver, try Seattle or Bellingham in Washington. Going to London, England, try Stanstead, Heathrow and Gatwick. Heading to Lima, Peru, try Arequipa. You get the idea.

cheap flight tips

MULTIPLE FLIGHTS | This is where the "Everywhere" option on Sky Scanner comes in handy. Take your departure airport, and approximate date you want to leave, and for the arrival airport, put "Everywhere." Yes, everywhere, it has this option and will sort most options of where to fly by "lowest to highest" flight price. Then, you take the airports that are in the direction you are going, and look for flights from there, to your destination. For example, I found this trick when looking to fly from Colombia to El Salvador or Honduras. From Medellin to anywhere in Central America, was $400 + so I took a detour to Florida for a night, then from Florida to San Salvador. Total cost: $192

INCOGNITO | Open Google Chrome, hold control + shift and press "N" You are now incognito! This will allow you to browse, without information being recorded on your browser. Why does this help with getting cheap flights? I am sure you have noticed when you are close to buying a flight, you opt out, and go back later to look for that same flight, it has increased. This is the site knowing your browsing history, and jacking up the cost to influence you to purchase right away. Sneaky but genius. Do not give them this luxury and always browse in incognito mode!

LANGUAGE | If you are heading to a foreign country, and you speak the language, or enough of it to get around booking a flight, try incognito mode, and browsing in the language of the country you are visiting. Colombia, Spanish, Brazil, Portuguese, France, well ... French. This can sometimes alter the pricing in your favour but you will have to be certain what you are booking!

CURRENCY | Stumbled across this cheap flight tip by accident. I went incognito mode to book a flight through a site I had visited a few times, and the auto fill in my web browser directed me back to the site, with my search preferences for my destination already loaded in. This time, my jaw dropped as I saw a significantly lower number, soon realizing it was in Euros. However, doing the calculation online, I found out that doing it incognito and through Euros, I would be saving about %10, and on a $500 flight is a cheeky $50. Not bad! That's a few days accommodation down south!

COUNTRY | Some countries like Peru, offer flight discounts to nationals. If you are heading to a certain destination like Peru, do your incognito search with the country set as the country you are flying to. If you can handle the 4 way approach to cheap flights and go incognito, change the language, adjust the currency and modify the country, you might be in luck!

tips cheap flights

DOMESTIC AIRLINES | This applies to flying within a certain country. Now, with the creation of budget airlines, you can often fly direct within a country, or union, for cheaper than bussing. Through Europe, you can benefit from Easy Jet and Ryan Air, and in places like Colombia, you can book flights for $15 through Viva Colombia. With Viva Colombia, you pay cheap flight prices, but pay for it in other areas. Checked baggage, cost. Print out your boarding pass or they'll charge you. Oh, and if you cancel your flight, even if they guarantee a refund, they will send you on the run around until the end of time so be sure when booking this, you have all your ducks in a row!

ALL SITES | Do not rely on sites that compare for you. Often times they compare to other sites they affiliate with or the main 5 cheap flight sites, where the flight prices are all the same. Do the leg work yourself, and dig through the internet for deals. Find those lesser known flight sites on the back pages of Google to get a good deal, or at least for peace of mind knowing you are getting the cheapest price out there!

A reminder, that these are just some cheap flight tips, and they will not guarantee a drastic discount in cost, however, if you put in the time, apply these tips, you may become a cheap flight guru!

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