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BELIZE | Top 5 Things To Do in BELIZE!

Visiting Belize? Decide where to go and what to do!

During 'The Journey' posts of my trip through Central America, I will be putting up a Top 5 Things To Do video for almost each location I hit on the trip!

Starting with the first country we crossed, which was the sluggishly charming country of Belize! Roughly 35 years ago, known as British Honduras, Belize was the final British colony to break free and gain independence.

When visiting Belize, you will have a choice of many things to do, places to go, and opportunities to experience the incredible beauty, and warm hospitality of this laid back coastal paradise. You can watch the video below, or read the list and description, so, lets get started on what to do in Belize!

Number 5 Thing to do in Belize: SAN IGNACIO, BELIZE

San Ignacio, is a little town nestled up in the hills of Belize, only a 10 minute drive from the Belize border with Guatemala. With so much beautiful coast and accessible beaches in Belize, you should head inland to enjoy the whole scope of what the country offers. You can go cave exploring, river tubing or just hang out and have a coffee at Eva's Cafe in the center of San Ignacio, and immerse yourself in the slow way of life. Trust me, its pretty easy!

Number 4 Thing to do in Belize: AMBERGRIS CAYE

Cayes are what you call the islands off of Belize, and there are a few beauties to visit but because of the accessibility, size, and amenities, I would suggest visiting Ambergris Caye and the town of San Pedro when in Belize. This is especially good if you are vacationing and want a resort, or nice hotel but still want to enjoy real Belize, the rasta way of life, and go some exploring as well.

Number 3 Thing to do in Belize: CAYE CAULKER

Personally, my favourite place in Belize! It is so slow, and sleepy, that I realize it is not for everyone, so that is why I did not put it as the number one thing to do in Belize, but it is a place unlike any other. Sand paths are the main highways around the island, where only half of the Caye is accessible. The other half is marsh land, and during a storm, the famous 'spit' actually separated from the main part of the Caye itself, and offers a tremendous place to get a 360 degree view of water and the horizon. Paddle board, kayak, swim or do absolutely nothing on Caye Caulker.

Number 2 Thing to do in Belize: MAYAN RUINS

One of the charms of Belize is that it is an anomaly in Central America. As the only non-Spanish country in Central America, Belize would seem to not belong in Latin America, however, the Mayan Ruins show a strong Mayan influence and are a terrific way to do something unique and cultural, when in Belize. Recommendations would be the Lamanai ruins, in the center of the country, or the Caracol ruins, south of San Ignacio, near the Guatemala border.

Number 1 Thing to do in Belize: DIVE & SNORKEL

No surprise here, as the reason you are probably going to Belize, is the coast. The amazing Caribbean seems to have a few extra shades of blue here in Belize for some reason, and you would be a fool not to be in them! Dive Shark Ray Alley or The Great Blue Hole or if you are not a diver or the scuba equipment makes you uncomfortable, buy or grab a snorkel and step off the beach and see whats under the surface!

So many amazing things to do in Belize, I could obviously not list them all. This is more of a recommendation of where to go, and when you are there, all the things to do will be in front of your face, you will never want to leave.

For now Belize, farewell, but I expect to see you soon!

Happy travels, No Regrets.

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