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Dos Osos Cenote in Tulum, Mexico!

Funny enough, Google Maps is an incredible way of finding things to do and places to see. That is exactly how I came across this cenote, Dos Osos. Do not get it confused with the more popular, Dos Ojos cenote set just north of Tulum, this cenote, Dos Osos is just south. I was scrolling up and down the coast on Google Maps looking for an unknown cenote, lagoon, ruins or something to do, and zoomed in on a ring of blue. As I looked closer the words "Dos Osos Cenote" popped up. I searched the internet for some more information to make sure it was accessible still, and did the street view option to see what the entrance looked like and decided it was worth the trip.

Just like Kaan Luum Lagoon, which is farther south from Dos Osos Cenote, you can take a direct bus to the entrance from Playa del Carmen on the bus that goes to Felipe Carrillo Puerto, and hop out at the entrance. As I arrived, I noticed the entrance is much different than what I had seen, in fact, it was more done up like a kids park! I wondered how much older than everyone I would be, and because of the fact that it seemed a little touristy, how much the cost to enter would be. I expected about 10-12 dollars, 120-150 pesos, and was pleasantly surprised when the gentleman at the gate said 40 pesos!

Upon entry, I strolled over to get a view of the cenote and realized, other than the workers, I was the only person there! Definitely not one of the clearest cenotes, as the water is quite murky due to the algae underneath, but certainly one of the most unique. A perfect oval with a raised island in the middle.

You can rent kayak's which you can stand up on like a paddle board, you can also go down the couple little water slides they have and a couple cool places to leap off into the water. Travellers Tip: I would also suggest bringing some food and even something to cook up as they have the basic fire barbecue set up to allow you to do so. Also, ringing the bottom part of the water, they have gorgeous little palapa docks that sit on the water and the thatch roof provides shade for you to lay in one of the sun beds provided.

Another travellers tip, if you are bussing there yourself, be aware that this is not as high traffic a route as the road between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, or Playa del Carmen and Cancun, so you may have to wait! This waiting is also on the side of the hot tarmac, under the blazing hot sun! I waited for a good 20 minutes with only a few cars and taxi's passing until finally a bus strolled by, flashed its lights, I threw my hand out and a dollar later I was back in Tulum for lunch.

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