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Boat Trip to the Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz, Turkey!

A gorgeous morning awaited us as we walked out of the hostel to find transportation idling for us to pile in. We passed through some parts of Fethiye I had not seen yet and started to climb the hills that overlook the rear part of the city getting farther and farther away from the water. I started to question if we were picking up other people or what the situation was, when we turned a bend and started to descend, quite drastically, down towards the ocean once again.

We passed through the small town of Oludeniz towards the water and all jumped out when the van came to a stop. We had the opportunity to go get some snacks and extra things we needed before the boat trip departed. After filling up, we all came back to the water to get our first glimpses of The Blue Lagoon. You will see it plastered over postcards no matter where you are in Turkey, it is that much of a spectacle, but to see it from ground level was completely different. The water looked calm and refreshing, not as blue as you would expect from above, and there was not a soul sitting on the coarse sand which gave it an untouched look about it, like that of a protected park.

Oludeniz, The Blue Lagoon from above (credit: Oludeniz Excursions)

Oludeniz Turkey

With that much excitement, waiting for the boat to arrive and an incredible day, it was impossible to stay still. We were in and out of the water, floating around, and then dried off as the boats started loading people on. Probably 15-20 of these pirate style ships sat in the shallow water, and we walked the makeshift dock to board ours. The inside was a big area of seats, life jackets and a toilet. Upstairs, where we spent the whole day, was an open area to catch some sun, enjoy the view, and once the boat was still, dive into the water. Our first stop was a small cove. We strapped on some goggles, slipped into the life jackets and took the plunge. A short swim away you could enter a small cave, and with such clear water, have a perfect view 30 feet to the ground. Covered on all sides by the coves and steep landscape, there are virtually no waves and you can lean back and float on your back taking in the warm but not harsh Turkish sun. What a feeling.

On top of boat in Turkey, Oludeniz

oludeniz turkey

Travellers Tip: A small meal is provided but I would suggest bringing your own food. A day swimming in the water and jumping off the boat burns some serious calories!

We moved on from one gorgeous spot, to another amazing little cove and cruised across the open sea with some of the most unique dry landscape rising up at the shore. One would think that after 6-7 hours of floating around on a boat you might get bored, but that simply doesnt happen. This is not a little boat trip in Mexico, or a cruise liner. You are provided with a very unique, ecstatic feeling when you really take a second to think exactly where you are.

blue lagoon turkey

To really get a sense of where I am, I like to do what I call the Google Earth test. I imagine that I am on Google Earth, zoomed in on top of myself. I then scroll out, and out, and out, and until myself and location become just a small sliver on the map. I love the feeling of being alone, far from or isolated and this is a silly way to really revel in the moment of where you really are.

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First cave on the boat tour, Oludeniz, Turkey

oludeniz boat tour

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